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At the heart of Cassiopea’s digital strategy, Email Marketing is a powerful weapon to maximize the impact of your business online. With our expertise in email marketing, we help you establish lasting connections with your target audience, promote your products and services in a targeted manner, and automate your campaigns for optimal results.

The Power of Email Marketing

Targeted Campaigns

Well-targeted email marketing campaigns are essential for engaging your audience. Cassiopea helps you segment your contact list based on specific criteria, allowing you to send personalized messages that resonate with your recipients.

Advanced Automations

Automation is the key to effectiveness in email marketing. We design intelligent automation flows to deliver the right message at the right time, whether for customer follow-up, sending newsletters or promoting new products.

Newsletter Design

Our professional designers can create engaging newsletters that reflect your brand identity. Impactful layouts and engaging content are at the heart of our approach.

Analysis and Monitoring

We keep you informed of the performance of your email marketing campaigns with detailed reports. Measure open rate, click-through rate, conversion, and more to adjust your strategy as you go.

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Why Choose Cassiopea?

Cassiopea is a web marketing agency that stands out for its expertise in email marketing. Our team has extensive experience in website creation and promotion, which allows us to seamlessly integrate your email campaigns into an overall marketing strategy.

Whether you’re looking to expand your customer base, retain your existing audience, or automate your marketing processes, Cassiopea has you covered. Contact us today to discuss how our email marketing expertise can transform your online presence.

Email marketing has never been more powerful. Put it to work for your business with Cassiopea.

Our specialties in Email Marketing

  • Migrate your audience from one tool to another
  • Build newsletters
  • Manage recurring shipments
  • Analyze performance
  • Integration of registration forms
  • Audience Segmentation
  • Personalization based on the audience
  • Analyze purchasing behavior
  • Transactional Email Automation
  • Tracking Results

Our packages

  • Newsletters
  • Targeted campaigns
  • Automations

A new web email marketing project?

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