Choose Cassiopea to maintain your WordPress website

We are experts in designing, building and managing WordPress websites.

At Cassiopea, we offer WordPress site maintenance services to help you keep your site running smoothly, while ensuring its security and performance.

Our maintenance services include regular WordPress updates, security updates, regular backups, site monitoring for errors and problems, and assistance in resolving any issues that may arise. If necessary, we can use this backup to restore your site to a previous state.

Choose Cassiopea to keep your site up to date and performing well

When it comes to updates, we always make sure you’re using the latest version of WordPress and all your site’s extensions and theme. We also monitor security updates to make sure they’re installed as soon as they’re released.

Particular attention to technical performance

With regard to your site’s technical performance, we use tools such as Pagespeed Insight (Google) and GT Metrix to identify areas where your site can be improved.

We can optimize images using formats such as WebP to reduce image size, and improve image loading using LazyLoading.

We set up a caching system to speed up loading times, and optimize CSS and JS files to reduce file size. In addition, we perform periodic database cleanups to eliminate unnecessary data and improve database performance.

The importance of maintenance

WordPress site maintenance is an integral part of web design. The creation of a website doesn’t stop when it goes online, and it’s important to ensure that it functions correctly and is up to date in terms of security and performance.

Maintenance ensures that users have an optimal experience when browsing the site. WordPress maintenance helps protect data and users from security vulnerabilities.

This is an important aspect of website management, and should not be neglected to ensure the quality and evolution of your site.

Call on our expertise to ensure the security of your website

The security of your site is also a priority for us.

We implement security measures such as intrusion protection, modification of the connection port, and blocking of intrusive IPs after 3 attempts.

We set up Google reCaptcha and reinstall your site in the event of a hack or offline status for reasons beyond the server’s control.

We can handle the reinstallation of your site in the event of an attack, but we can’t guarantee 100% that it will never be hacked.

Please do not hesitate to check out our services for further information.

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A wise choice for your website

The maintenance services we offer at Cassiopea are a wise choice for any company wishing to keep its WordPress site in good working order, while guaranteeing its security and performance.

By choosing our maintenance services, you can be sure that your site will be up to date and operating at its best, allowing you to concentrate on your business and maximize your profitability.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your WordPress site maintenance needs and get a personalized quote.

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