Website migration and server change

In 2019, a page that took 6 seconds to load suffered a 50% conversion loss. 40% of Internet users abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.
The cart abandonment rate on mobile is higher (97%) than on computer (between 70 and 75%).
It is now very important to have a performing website on mobile and computer.

Website migration can be a solution to improve your performance.
Website migration operations are far from being trivial operations for your website. A change of server may be necessary to adapt to the needs and evolution of your website. For example, the increase of traffic, an increased need for performance or the development of new features.
At Cassiopea, we are able to offer you these services thanks to our experts in data migration and DNS management.

What is a website migration?

To simplify this concept: it is the different actions implemented to change servers, structure or platform of a website.

There are several types of migrations:

  • Transfer (moving from one physical server to another – due to hardware obsolescence)
  • Data migration (allowing your data to be used on another system)
  • System migration (change of platform or technology).

Why would I want to change my web hosting?

To make your site and its features accessible to users

Just like a restaurant has a certain capacity to accommodate its customers, your website also has a user capacity. Your site may have recently had a higher traffic and you need bigger servers.

This makes your site and its functionalities accessible to a maximum number of users simultaneously (consult content, make a reservation, make a purchase, request contact, send a message to the after-sales service …).

Increase the loading speed of your site and improve SEO

You are looking to improve the technical performance of your website (especially the loading speed of your pages). The migration on a powerful Web server often allows a technical improvement of your site and thus of the speed of loading of your pages. Thus, users can access the content more quickly.

Better protection of your data

By choosing us to migrate the data of your site, you make sure to secure the numerous data that compose your website.
You will protect the data of your customers and your company.

Our Web Server Change Services

Servers changes

We make sure that your DNS are correctly configured for your main domain and your sub-domains.
We transfer your files, databases and services to new, more efficient servers.

Database Migration

We take care of transferring all your files, database and services related to your website from your old server to a new one.

Change your domain name

You want to change your domain name after being penalized by Google? Your company is changing its name?
We accompany you in changing the main URL of your site. For that, we indicate to Google and to the search engines this change in order not to have negative effects on your referencing.
We set up all the redirection links to the new URLs.

E-mail migration

We perform the change of server for your emails depending on the type of server. This is the case whether your email addresses are associated with a domain name and are hosted on a local server (the same as your website) or on a remote server.

If you want to move from local email management to a separate server, we can handle the migration of your emails. It is possible to link your business email address to widely used email systems such as Outlook (Microsoft Office 365) or Google workspace (formerly called GSuite) for example. However, we also offer the migration of emails to dedicated servers running on open source solutions such as iRed Admin.

Throughout this process, we ensure that all your services remain operational.

DNS data management

DNS allow to associate a comprehensible name to an IP address and to make the link with web services (emails, website, subdomains, authentications etc.). We propose to audit your DNS configuration.
To do this, we check your records such as the A, AAAA, CNAME, TXT, MX fields, etc.

If your website needs it, we set up a CDN (content distribution network), which allows content to be delivered through servers closer to your users. The implementation of a CDN usually results in reduced bandwidth costs, and improved user experience when browsing the site.

Why choose us to perform your data migration?

Customized solutions to transfer and host your data

When we migrate your data, our team adapts to the reality of websites and the needs of our customers. The migration is done on the server of your choice or on a customized solution by our engineers.

Referencing of your website on search engines

We have created hundreds of sites and optimized their SEO, our migration services do not negatively impact the positioning of your site.

On the contrary, the migration of a site often allows to optimize its referencing on the short, medium and long term.

We set up all the redirects that search engines require during a migration, especially during a change of address. You will choose the right agency to preserve your SEO by using our web data migration services.

Functional emails during the migration

Beyond our expertise on the subject, you can be assured that your email address will remain functional. This is true whether your emails are hosted on the same server as your site or on a remote server.

We have a clear data management process that ensures there is no interruption in service. Your site or emails will remain operational throughout the migration process. In case of unavoidable service interruption, we choose together the best time to finalize the migration of your data. This is possible thanks to the availability of our teams in several time zones.

What is the cost of a website data migration?

After having discussed with you to know your needs and your business, we make a custom quote. This quote includes an analysis of your website’s technological profile, as well as its hosting, size and structure etc.

Technology migration or platform change:

The migration from one platform to another, whether it is CMS or not, is a more important technical manipulation than a migration from one server to another. For that, we carry out a feasibility study and technological choices in your collaboration. This is so that you can be as autonomous as possible and that your new platform best suits your needs. This from a functional and aesthetic point of view for example.

If we were to summarize our work on data migration, we adapt to your site’s technology for the most optimal data migration process possible.

Choosing Cassiopea for web migration operations means ensuring the continuity of your services (even during migration operations) and above all technical recommendations and service proposals adapted to your needs.

They trust us:

Our specialties for your data migration

  • Change of web servers
  • Data migration
  • Domain name change
  • Email address migrations
  • DNS management and customization
  • Protection of your data

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